15 Dec 2012

Iron Warriors - Forgefiend

Here is the latest project that I've been working on - a Forgefiend for my Iron Warriors.

I was going to leave some of the larger pieces like this until later in the project, but Worthy Games/Red Steel Preston (my FLGS) is having their first annual painting competition and I wanted something to enter in the "big" category.
The model is magnetised up to take both the Hades Cannon and Ectoplasma Cannons.
The model was pretty fun to paint, with scope to try out a few new techniques to me - the main one being my first real bash at object source lighting/glowing effects. I think they turned out a little crude, but it was good practice.
The overall pose of the model is very static, so I decided that a scenic base would make it stand out more from other Forgefiend models and give me something else to play with.

The basing theme for my Iron Warriors is trench/siege-works, so the large oval based models give me scope to make some trenches and add a few extra details.
The base was carved in polystyrene and the trench section cut out and the planks made using balsa wood.
We'll have to see how it does in the painting comp now...


  1. That's flipping good mate. Top notch! Lovin' these Iron Warriors so far, will look forward to pitching my Relictors against these chaos scum.

  2. Good job done this weekend 6th degree

  3. Very nice. How did you do weathering on the hazard stripes?

    1. Cheers Mark. I paint the stripes like normal and then sponge on some brown spots. I then go over most of the brown with a dark metal and over most of that with a medium metal colour. Last up I use a light metal to highlight spots and scratches...finally I wash the lot in Agrax Earthshade. Pretty simple really.


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