21 Dec 2012

Terrain and Scenery - Fuel Storage Tanks

In my continuing battle against fighting over grey plastic terrain with our 'beautifully painted' weemen, I've completed my latest offering, an Imperial Fuel Depot, or fuel storage tanks. Some decent LOS blocking terrain.
This is made from a watch tin, a CD-ROM stack container, some plastic plumbing and a barricade to add interest made from some old spare rhino bits and a lengths of sprue. Plus an oil barrel to match those of my objective marker (seen here).
Here is a close up of the barricade, note the Ultramarine rhino wreck door - a hint to Lord Halfpenny's Ultramarines I usually battle against when not getting whacked by his now updated hardcore Daemons...
And lastly an aerial shot showing the Leman Russ tank hatch and a 40mm base on the watch tin lid.

This may be the last post before Christmas, so from all of us at Weemen, seasons greetings and I hope Santa brings you lots of weemen for Crimbo... we look forward to reading your blogs to find out!


  1. Very cool! The big red tanks make a nice contrast to most terrain pieces.

  2. Very nice blog, Love your terrain!

    Came across you via Feait and will add you to my blogroll and vice verse if you like?

  3. Cheers Guys, and Vitor, love your stuff, will do - I'll add in blogroll.


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