18 Nov 2012

Waterslide Transfer Exchange - UK readers can you help?

If like everyone else, you only use one or two transfers from each sheet of GW Waterslide Transfers, you'll be left with loads you may not use.

I am after the Numeral 5 from the GW Space Marine Vehicle waterslide transfer sheet, and typically have the rest of the sheet available for swap.
Can any of my UK readers, to keep postage costs down, help out? I don't want to resort to ebay, only the cost of an envelope and stamp.

I am also in need of the large white skulls from the Imperial Guard Tank sheets too. I have typically the rest of the sheet available again for swapping.
Please have a look and leave a comment with your email written "reader(at)email(dot)co(dot)uk" to prevent bots etc if you can help and what transfers you'd like in return?  I'll then email you to swap addresses etc and delete the comment to maintain long term privacy.

Cheers for looking.


  1. If you don't get any local help, drop me a line - granted, I'm over in the states, but I have approximately fifty billion of those sheets. Happy to send 'em your way - a letter in the post doesn't cost much compared to boxes of miniatures. :)

  2. I'll have a look and see what I have... I've never liked water transfers and don't use any, which means they get carelessly tossed into the various boxes I have in my hobby area, sometimes even binned. I'll have a look see if I can find the ones you need, but with how careless I am with them I can offer no promises...

  3. I'll have a shufti: I should have something for you: tons of skulls, certainly.

    Remind me though - a bit preoccupied at the mo...

  4. Cheers Guys, and Drax, let me know if you can get a free week night in the near/far future and we'll have a re-match, ha, if lil drax doesn't take every waking hour now!!

    Mordian7th, cheers I may tap you up for those if no joy here. Thanks

  5. I'll have a look-see, I do have some SM Vehicle transfers from somewhere (strangely).

    If I have the ones you are after, I'll give them Lord H at BW4.

  6. I've got lots to fella! will do a swap shop next time you are over

  7. I'll have a look in my boxes to see what I have. Never used the transfers so if I've kept them there could be a whole load sitting there. I'll try and get them checked in the next few days.

  8. Thanks everyone for looking! I may just get enough to keep me in business forever!! Lol


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