13 Nov 2012

Blog Wars 4 – please help me with my list!!!

Blog Wars 4 is coming up in 3 weeks and the deadline for tickets and list submissions is this Saturday (17/11).

The ‘Nids will be coming out to play again, despite them now looking a bit tired and “used” (I am trying to re-paint the worst offenders, but the entire army really needs an overhaul), so I’m not looking to compete in the painting awards where I’ve done pretty well in the last two Blog Wars. Hopefully my Iron Warriors will be ready in time for Blog Wars 5...

The problem is what to take? Blog Wars rules are the same as before, with the exception that it is now 1850pts and not 1750pts.

Since 6th Ed I have been running a list with a Flyrant, a pair of Tervigons, a pair of Hive Guard broods and a ton of Gants – its been working well and and I think I am going to stick with what I know. Swarmlord is tried and tested for me and I think he’s the ideal Special Character and Warlord for the tournament (a close combat beat stick and pretty decent psyker...).

That gives me:

Swarmlord with 2 Tyrant Guard (Lash Whips)
Flyrant (1 set of T/L Devourers)

2 Tervigons (Toxin Sacks, Adrenal Glands and 3 psychic powers)
2 broods of approx 20 Gants

2 broods of 2 Hive Guard

I have about 400pts left to play with...so now I am torn between a pair of Trygons and a pair of Dakkafexes (there is also the possibility of a third Tervigon and more Gants – but that would require a bit more work).

I’ve used the Trygons teamed up with the Swarmlord before and they can dominate the area of the board they are in – but since 6th Ed, I have had trouble with random charge distances, overwatch (particularly Flamers) and dealing with hordes.

On the other hand the Dakkafexes are always great; 24 S6 shots will erase most things from the board in one go and they are a pretty solid anti-air option (barring Stormravens). But their relatively short range (18 inches) means that they tend to get stuck around the middle of the table and never get truly stuck in. Also 4 wounds is a bit meh...

I have tested both options and they are both good against different opponents.  The list as a whole seems to have worked in the past because it forces tough targetting choices...do you shoot the Flyrant, Swarmlord, Trygons/Dakkafexes, Tervigons or Hive Guard? Whichever you choose – I’ve found it normally takes a turn of dedicated shooting to kill it and there is enough redundancy left that the army still doesn’t fall apart.

So what shall I do???


  1. I would go with the Dakka Fexes, lots of shooty power cannot be sniffed at, they put a weight of firepower that will deal with most targets, even pesky Necron fliers - more dakka is good, leaving you and the Swarmlord to concentrate on the CC aspects. I always find that Marines lack serious amounts of dakka to deal with Daemons invun saves, i'm sure the same will translate across to other armies saves/invun saves?

  2. Hmmm - your words are a wise as ever... Cheers!

    It also helps that I recently painted a pair of Dakkafexes.

    You coming along? I still don't see yours or L.Halfpennys name on the list (despite me bugging him)....

  3. Afraid not 6thDegree, I am busy but have no new models to show off either as you'veseen by the lack of blog posts - this work lark takes it's toll. You'll be flying the Weeman Flag alone I think.

  4. i might still make an appearance.. I'm trying to organise some cheerleaders...

  5. I think the Carnifexes are a no-brainer. Trygons were good in 5th but unfortunately the boost to shooting / reduction of cover in 6th have made them fragile and likely to survive only a turn or so. The Carnifexes, with two twin linked Brainleech devourers are great for thinning down infantry Abd for stripping hull points off transports.

    Graham / Grazer (Claws & Fists).


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