2 Sept 2012

Legio Astorum Titans have a New Home

Don't worry, nothing as drastic as selling them, (Never!!), just wanted to show off the new display case for the Titans. Up to now they were sitting on a bookcase with a FW plastic bag over their heads to keep the majority of dust off, now they have a shiny display case, courtesy of Ikea (£40 - Beech and Black wood styles).
While I was at it, I thought I'd update you with the Man Cave, Relictors and Guard on Left, Titans, Hobby Desk with lights on right and a 1st Edn White Dwarf Number 1 from 1977 in the frame... Pornstarjedi has one too, I bought as a birthday gift a while back.

What isn't shown (just see top of bottom left) is the HUGE pile of FW goodies and a Necron Army all yet to do... I am so slow at this painting lark.


  1. Heck of a nice setup there sir.

    If I ever have enough stuff painted to warrant a display case, it seems (from here) that your Ikea one would match my hobby room's furniture nicely.

  2. Great setup mate!

    Love the cabinet on the left, where'd you get it?

  3. Thanks All. Lennywinks, it's also Ikea stuff, modular, doors and glass and drawers optional. Think the line was called Traby? Can't see it in catalogue now.

    The glass cabinet was Detolf?


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