17 Sept 2012

Relictors Forgeworld Chaplain Dreadnought Finished

Hi All, thanks for dropping by. Here is my latest offering, a FW Chaplain Dreadnought for my ever growing Battle Company. He appears in IA Siege of Vraks 2or3 and comes as basic, MultiMelta and DCCW.
Here is the side shot showing the lovely FW DCCW, I've painted it to match my army's power weapons. He comes with Litanies of Battle and has WS5 so it'll come in handy on the charge.
He has Venerable status so re-roll on Vehicle Damage chart should keep him around a little while longer, enough to hopefully use the MM. The gold is my normal receipe, Brazen Brass / Shining Gold / Mithril Silver, the base is also from FW, think it was a Chaos Dreadnought scenic base. I'll post a group shot of all my Chaplains soon - now I've a Jump Pack, Power Armour, Termie Armour and Dreadnought!

One more ticked off the FW pile of to-do... uh oh, Gamesday soon...


  1. Very nice looking dread. He needs a drop pod to get stuck in more easily.

  2. Cheers Dai, I have 4 in the basecoat stages, one for a Dread or Deathwind Missile Launcher (magnetized).


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