9 Sept 2012

Relictors Mortis Pattern Relic Contemptor Dreadnought

The latest addition to the growing Relictor Battle Company armoury, a Mortis Pattern Relic Contemptor Dreadnought. With the growing number of flyers around in 6th Edition, my Relictors were in need of some dedicated Anti-Air, but also in need of some serious firepower, the natural choice was a Mortis Dread with Kheres Assault Cannons and Krak Cyclone Missiles, 12x S6 shots with Rending and 2x S8 Krak for downing the pesky flyers.
If he doesn't move, he has the Skyfire rule, if no flyers are around, he chews through transports and squads with ease. By bitter experience, he can also penetrate the odd Landraider or two...
And front armour is AV13, 3 Hull Points, 5++ Inv Save to shooting attacks and quite good in CC, 2xS7 attacks with 6++ Inv Save. As our last battle (Pornstarjedi will delight in putting up a Batrep soon) he took out a Bloodthirster in CC! Much to my delight but also Pornstarjedi's as the rest of my Relictors crumbled around him...  :(
He, like his Brother Contemptor were Dark Angel relics recovered from the battlefield, hence the Knee Pad and Ravenwing leg greave motif... Contemptors were pre-heresy builds and Relictors were formed post-heresy from Dark Angel and Ultramarine genestock, but scour the battlefields looking for Relics (hence Relic-tors). He has now been interned with a badly wounded Relictor veteran pilot and honours his past lineage with his former Dark Angel Chapter badges. I painted him in two sittings ahead of the latest battle with Pornstarjedi's Daemons... I'm rather pleased with the result and another one of my numerous FW purchases finally completed.

Hope you like.


  1. Now that is badass!

    How come it gets Skyfire?

  2. It has a Helical Targetting Array, so if it remains stationary in the Movement phase, it gains the Skyfire and Interceptor special rules for that turn (IA-Aero p38)

    Cool or what - bye Flyrant(s) Hee Hee

  3. Beautiful! I love how you've incorporated nods to the founding chapters into the final look - great work, man!

  4. Love the inclusion of such an interesting background to this wonderfully painted miniature.

    I really need to get me one of these bad boys....

  5. Thank-you all for your compliments and Dai, yes you do need to get at least one of these! Ha

  6. Holy Cow - that's a beautiful model and absolutely FILTHY rules! It'd better cost upwards of 1000pts...(?)

  7. sweet model Siph- and looks even better in real life! I need to finish mine.. as well as all the other stuff!

  8. Cheers Drax, oh, did I say it was BS5 too? With Kheres Assault Cannons 180pts, with Cyclone Missiles as well 215pts.

    Pornstarjedi, yes you do - but your manufactorium is further along with your FW purchases than mine...

  9. Thats obscenely cheap! I love my Nids but by god they're expensive!

    Just you wait though - soon I'll be fielding Daemon-Dragon flyers that shoot two S10 AP1 large blasts and pee a stream of burning death!!! And it will only cost 75pts! Mwah ha ha!

    Ok - it probably wont, but I bet it will be cheaper than the 270pts I pay for a Flyrant...

  10. Hi Alz, cheers matey, high praise from you professional artist-type. Thanks. I've seen you do as good! Come on, buy some, you know you want too ;)


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