19 Sept 2012

Warmachine – Khador Great Bears of Gallowswood

Here are some more Warmachine minis; this time The Great Bears of Gallowswood. FYI, they are wearing bear skins – they aren’t the ‘other’ sort of bear...
I picked these up off a guy selling them locally on the RedSteel Preston FB page and I think he likes to convert his WM stuff, because they all had hoods modelled in GS over their heads. I’m sure that would look pretty cool if the entire army is modelled that way, but mine isn’t...so the first thing I did was remove the GS. Unfortunately it looks like the guy had actually removed a good part of the heads whilst converting them, so I then had to drill out the remnants of the heads and replaced them with bitz from my Warriors of Chaos army.
They were then painted up in my standard Khador style and fit in quite nicely with the rest of the growing army (although I screwed up their capes a bit...might go back on fix those later). I have a few more units (and a couple of *big* ‘jacks) on the “to-buy” list and then it should be a pretty decent sized force. 
I’ve been looking forward to getting a game with these guys since I got them, but wanted to get them finished first. Great Bears are heavy hitters – pretty much the equivalent of a 3-man medium Warjack. Individually they are average, but they are designed to work in synergy with each other. Each model has benefits that they bestow on the rest of the unit, so when they are a unit of three, they can be extremely nasty! This also puts a bit of a target on their heads so we’ll have to see how they do in practice... 

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  1. I think those heads look better then the actual ones. Nice paint job.


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