11 Sept 2012

Repainted Tervigon

Hi guys – back to my repainting theme; one of the worst offenders in my army was the first Tervigon conversion that I made and painted. I really can’t even stand to look at this any more and it lives hidden in a box unless I ever desperately need a third Tervigon.
To be honest, until the official Tervigon models were released, I was actually pretty happy with the model itself; it seemed to be about the right size (it’s about double the size of a Carnifex), but new ones just blow it out of the water.

At some point into the hobby though, I realised that the paintjob was hideous and it was either bin or redo – and as much as I would like another GW Tervigon, I’m not made of money...
The first thing I did was strip off all the paint with a bath in Fairy Power Spray. It cleaned up nicely and I then looked at how I would re-model it. As I said above – I was relatively happy with the size, but it needed a large oval base. Comparing it to the size of a GW Tervigon, it was also too small to be used in tournaments without me feeling a little guilty and getting a size advantage. So rather than change the model itself, I decided to make a bit of a scenic base to increase its size.

After having a couple of 6th Ed games with Tervigons, I have got to say – Smash is awesome with Crushing Claws! For about 25pts, the Tervigon gets an extra D3+1 attacks (off the top of my head I think...) which apply after its base attacks have been halved. That means that on the charge, a Tervigon can have between 5 and 7 S10 AP2 (re-rolling penetration) attacks. Goodbye Land Raider! So it obviously had to have a pair...
I thought it would also be nice to use some spares from another Tyrannofex/Tervigon kit and give it a little baby....*aaahhhhhh*...
I then gave it the now -standard paint scheme and I’m pretty happy with the results; especially compared to the original.

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