30 Aug 2012

Relictors Devastator Squad IX Complete

I've finally completed the rest of the Devastators, this is the final squad of the Battle Company that I needed to do - although I have numerous other Relictors, this is the final Squad to make 6 x Tactical, 2 x Assault and 2 x Devastator Codex Battle Company. Just need to finish a Command Squad and the transport pool before I declare the Company complete. But don't worry, the growing Relictor force will never be truely complete judging from the huge amount of FW goodies I keep buying...
 This is the 2nd half of the squad with the Corporal. gotta love Plasma Cannons, wildly inaccurate without the Sergeant's Signum, but hey, they kill when they hit!
And from different angles, hope you like. Thanks for reading.


  1. Great work, man! I really dig how those have turned out - Just finished reading "Atlas Infernal" which features a Relictors Techmarine rather heavily, I may have to whip up a small allied force of 'em to accompany my guard. Your work is inspirational as always - keep it up!

  2. Ooo those plasma guns look sweet with that cream next to their blue coils!

    Might have to look into putting together (In the far future) a Devastator squad for my Ravens. (And thankyou for the comment two posts back - was happy the speeder turned out so well after wrestling with it so much!)


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