21 Aug 2012

Relictors Space Marine Bike Squad

Hello all, I'm back from overseas and straight back into the hobby! I wasn't totally idle whilst at work away, I did basecoat these bikes and riders but left the details until I was back on terra firma.

These complete the bike squad I had grand designs to finish way back in May 2011 when I did the Sergeant (found here) but circumstances, fickle fate and 'bike' burnout from doing 3 Attack Bikes and 1 Master of the Forge on Bike with Conversion Beamer put these on the side pile of stuff to do. With the subtle change to toughness that 6th has brought, bikes are now T5 for all purposes of instant death etc. rather than T4(5) as they used to, bikes may make a re-emergence on the table tops?...
Besides, where else as a Vanilla Marine player can I have a squad of only three marines T5, Fast and with 2 Special Weapons plus Sergeant load out - normally I need a full squad of ten just to get 1 special weapon, but with these I can have survivable mobile anti-tank / anti-termi MEQ with Melta or Plasma.
Hope you like. Normal mini service will now resume... I'm back from sea for a while. Yay!


  1. Looking nice! Welcome back man!

  2. They look badarse!

    Hope they prove to be as nasty on the battlefield!


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