25 Aug 2012

Battle Report Ultramarines vs Relictors 1250 point battle


Me and Siph recently had our first 6th Edition battle, we decided to play on my battle board, with a smallish force to get used to the new rules.

Ultramarines Mech Heavy Force
Tyberos The Red Wake
5 man lightning claws Assault Terminators
10 man Tactical squad, plus Las/Plas Razorback
StormTalon w/ Lascannons
2 Attack Bikes w/ 1x MM, 1x HB 
Dakka Predator
Contemptor - Mortis

Relictors Foot Heavy Force
Pedro Kantor
5 man Terminator Assault squad w/ 3x Claw, 2x SS/TH
8 man Sternguard Squad w/ 1x Combi Melta, 1x Hvy Flamer
5 man Tactical squad
10 man Assault squad
5 man biker squad, plus Attack bike w/ MM
Landspeeder Tornado w/ MM and HF

We were playing the objectives battle- with 5 ob's positioned around the battle field

Turn 1
Relictors turn 1
  • terminators and assault squad move forward into striking positions
  • random ob's determined- one skyfire, one grav wave generator
Ultramarine turn 1
  • force moves forward
  • random ob determined- nothing of note
  • Contemptor opens fire on the assault squad, killing 4, including the sergeant!
  • razorback kills a terminator
 Relictors Turn 2
  • Pedro fires an orbital bombardment onto the two tanks, however this scatters on to the tactical squad- killing 3..
  • bikers move into position
  • assault marines charge into combat- 1 killed in the OW fire
  • No winner in assault - poor rolling
 Ultramarines Turn 2
  • terminators and tactical combat squad move into position
  • random obj determined- skyfire
  • contempter and stormtalon fire onto the bikers- killing all
  • combat between the attack bikes and assault marines sees a kill each- drawn combat

 RelictorsTurn 3
  • terminators charge into combat with UM terminators
  • Pedro and Tyberos challenge each other to deadly CC
  • Assault marines bested the attack bikes, who can't flee, thus are destroyed
Ultramairnes Turn 3

  •  Predator and razorback move into position to fire onto the land speeder, causing 2 hull points of damage, and destroying it
  • combat sees another tie between pedro and tyberos
  • terminators on both sides are killed, 1 more UM is killed, however the terminators pass the moral check
  • Contemptor and talon open fire on the sternguard, killing 3

 Relictors turn 4
  • assault marines charge the tactical squad in the ruins, combat is a tie
  • pedro kills tyberos in single combat
  • Relictors terminators kill a further UM terminator, it is now 2 terminators a side- plus Pedro
 Ultramarines Turn 4

  • Contemptor opens fire on the tactical squad holding an objective, killing 3,
  • Stormtalon, predator and razorback fire onto the sternguard- killing all but 5
  • tactical squad bests the assault marines in CC
  • UM terminators are killed in combat, however they do take down another relictor terminator
Relictors Turn 5
  • Pedro and sole Terminator move into position to contest objective
Ultramarines Turn 5
  • Sternguard are wiped out due to stormtalon and predator fire
  • razorback kills pedro with lascannon fire
  • tactical squad open fire on the remaining terminator- who dies under bolter fire
The Result
2 objectives to PSJ, 1 to Siph, secondary ob's- PSJ first blood, and Linebreaker, Siph- kill the warlord

A well deserved win for PornStarJedi!! woo!!  I forget how much I love this game,even when having my ass handed to me on an azure plate... Siph ;)

A really good battle, which could have gone either way- Siph had some really bad luck with his dice rolling, which at times was scary- i've never seen so many 1's. And a foot list against this Mech list with flyer was always going to be an uphill struggle - Siph :( but Pornstarjedi fought well.

Terminators are even harder now, especially with power weapons now being AP3. We both forgot that bikes have Jink and Hammer of Wrath. Siph forgot that his Assault Squad have Hammer of Wrath too!

My man of the match has to be the Contemptor- the Kheres assault cannons are nasty- 2 lots of heavy 6, S6 fire w/ Rending... I might have to order a second one... and mines on the painting table as we speak, lol. Siph.


  1. Great battle report, and I'm glad you guys had fun!

    That board is simply AMAZING by the way.

  2. ...and now I know the word 'Guz'. Thank you!

  3. Awesome battle report. But seriously, how lovely is that board?

    I've had to go and search through your blog to see where it popped up from, and to think that you managed to snag that from someone! What I wouldn't give to game on something like that. Very well played both of you, and I'll just go back to being that little bit jealous here :D

  4. Yeahm I have to comment on the wonderful board too. Wow.

    Great report - get a Stormtalon! :D

  5. Thanks everyone, it is a fine board - when are you expanding it Pornstarjedi?

    Dai - I have one! http://www.weemen.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/relictors-stormtalon-gunship-space.html

  6. thanks all for the comments, it really was a great battle- which could have been a draw if not for some very unlucky die rolls for Siph..

    I'll have to post more pictures of the battle board once I get some free time- it had been over a year since we last played over it- however I'm sure it'll make another appearance soon... (not sure how well daemons would cope on it thouggh...

  7. Siph- as for expanding it.. lol

  8. Have you thought about doing video batreps? Http://mini wargaming.com have some Of the best if you wanted ideas. A

  9. Hey Alz, I would video but it takes too much attention from the game in hand. At the mo, each turn we just pick up a camera and take a few snaps, thats it. Suppose with a tripod we could but then we'll have to edit etc.

    You can come be our cameraman/editor/director/boom operator? ;)


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