30 Apr 2018

Imperial Knights - Armiger Warglaive Consort for Legio Astorum

Hi All, thanks for dropping by. I really enjoyed putting this model together and painting it. A really nice kit overall and I'm sure we'll see new weapon options soon as they are on a separate sprue to the body and legs set.
I plan on painting my Questor Imperialis forces as consorts for my Titan Legion, Legio Astorum hence the adoption of the Legio Astorum colours and the halo moon on the shoulder pad. This was a nice starter test scheme for the other Khights and perhaps some progress on the long overdue Warlord - well I am going to the Titan Owners Club UK Walk!
The Chain Cleaver sports some kill markings already. I largely followed the same sort of endo-skeleton scheme as Duncan on WarhammerTV so used bronze on spots to break up the mass of Leadblecher.
I sooted up the exhaust stacks and painted his toenails...
The Melta Gun and Melta Lance both have heat staining using Agrax/Purple/Blue/Nuln Oil combination which gives a simple and effective detail.
The cowl above the head is painted yellow as the Legio Astorum scheme because the head is usually yellow but this model has a metallic head. As for transfers, I used the Halo Eclipse from the Legio Astorum sheet from FW, an Aquila from SM Vehicle sheet and a Cog motif from the Armiger sheet.
Finally a shot next to his bigger brother Warhound Canis Bellum, taking up his consort duties. So, there you have it - Questor Imperialis Consorts of the Legio Astorum.

Cheers, Siph. (5pts for Dreadnought type mini)


  1. A tidy clean paint job. I prefer this to the battered look as I envisage a swarm of servitors repairing, cleaning and repainting as soon as the Armiger returns to base.

  2. @ Phil, thanks mate, I agree! These are God Machines and revered by the Tech Adepts, so I’ve limited weathering to heat stain and dust on the toes :)

  3. Really lovely shot at the end helps convey the scale of these guys. Great work lad.

  4. The blue looks a bit bright....

  5. @ F Muppet, cheers!
    @ Zzzzzz, mate think it’s the light box, the blue is same as Titan, Kantor Blue/Necron Abyss/Regal Blue.

  6. Nice and bright mini, well played .


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