22 Jun 2017

WIP - Ultramarine Mastodon - Heavy Assault Transport

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for looking, just a quick post with regards a WIP project, my Ultramarine Mastodon.
The moment I saw the model I knew I needed to have one for my Ultramarine force, the model looks so different to the normal shape of the marine tanks. I have painted the interior, and slowly working on the exterior. 
The plan is to include some white to tie in with our vehicles, but also I intend to add some black and maybe boltgun silver (Leadbelcher) to break up the amount of blue. I also plan to magnetise the doors to allow them to open/close. The main issue with the build was the floor, it took several goes to glue the tank together, and I had to resort to hacking chunks out of one piece to get the required fit.
Its a monster of a tank which dwarfs most SM vehicles. with the dawn of 8th the Mastodon has 30 wounds, with a 2+ save- it will be interesting to see how it fairs with the new edition.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow that thing is a bit of a beast for sure! Fair play to you.

  2. I'll look forward to facing off against this beast! Ouch... great model, I will get one myself one day, maybe. Got a pile of stuff to do before that, like a certain Fellblade....

  3. I really like the distinct look they got for it. Almost more like a Land Battleship than a Tank as such.

  4. Looking forward to seeing it finished. That thing will be a beast on the battlefield.

  5. Love that miniature its a beast, Looking forward to seeing it finished.

  6. thanks for the feedback guys! I'm hoping to get some time on the beast this weekend..


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