14 Oct 2013

Relictors 4th Company Tactical Squad - New Plastics

Well, I've had a lot of Tactical Marines done and didn't need anymore, however the new GW Tactical Squad is the only place to get the greatly sought after Grav Weapons, so, with a stroke of genius, here is the first member of a 4th Company Squad... I've already got all 6x 5th Company Tactical Squads painted up.  He can be identified as 4th Company by the green trim of the Shoulder Pauldrons - 5th Company to date all have Black trims.
The real reason to post is to have a quick look at the new plastics - no doubt at all that the newer GW plastics are a lot more crisp and sharp and great when compared to the old - look at the above legs - they are old tactical marines, the top half ofthe figure is newer... crisper and sharper. Forget the tardiness of the leg paintjob, the newer plastics are superior. There is a lot of disappointment online that they were released the same, except additional Grav Weapons etc. John at 40K Hobby Blog mentioned it too 'here', but I agree with him. It's a good thing.
And for the Grav Weapons and this firing pose 'up on aim' alone it is a good thing to go buy the new GW Tactical Squad! I love the new Grav Weapon, the Combi Grav abd the fact that the hands are separate to the wrists. My painting is also improved ;) And I added the '4' to the knee pad!  Well, GW gets some stick - but the new release of a Tactical Squad to replace the old Tactical sprue is worth it in my view, the older moulds were getting worn and losing the details, plus the new injection magic they must have makes the newer models crisp. I am a fanboi, but the results show it was worth a new release.

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Matthew Beavis said...

I just picked up a box and the difference is night and day, super crisp. Good luck with the rest!

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