10 Jan 2022

Relictors Space Marines - Chaplain #10

The recent Games Workshop made to order old school Space Marine Chaplain reminded me how understated and awesome this particular sculpt was. The grimacing visage and the low threat of the Crozius coupled with the lethal Plasma Pistol I particularly liked. So I scouted the interweb and bought one at a lot less than the £17.99 RRP. Above you can see the White Dwarf backdrop.
I mounted the Chaplain on a 32mm adapter to the base and inserted a few small rocks under the feet as the original owner had not fixed them to the base correctly, but I didn't mind as it gave a few more millimetres.
The studded Pauldron was painted in Relictors grey and metal studs. The Plasma coils my usual blues.
A nice great addition to my many Chaplains, I love Chaplains so I keep adding them to the ranks, a Chaplain Dreadnought, a Biker, two Terminators, one Primaris, one Jump-Pack and four Chaplains on foot. Others found HERE

Cheers, Siph (10pts)


  1. Very cool addition. And a great collection of the old sculpts. The Relictors should enjoy spiritual harmony for millennia to come!

  2. I do think your Relictors might be a bit lacking in faith if they need so many Chaplains to keep them in line. =)

    I sort of like the old school sculpts as they where more artistic and remind me of my youth, but in the end they really can't compete with the new plastics when it comes to detail, symmetry and proportions, sad but that is how it is. Nice paint job though.

  3. Siph! Its been awhile. Looks like you've been working on a Chaplain at the same time as me. Looking really great! Love the grey and black!

    Happy New Year!


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