24 Jan 2022

Legio Astorum - Lucius Warhound - WIP #1

Hello Titanseers, welcome to WeeMen and another Titan related post, I have been lucky enough to be able to buy an original Lucius Warhound Titan off of my pal Col. Hertford and duly repaint it. Col. Hertford had this Warhound commission painted by Golem Studios so no sentimental value was attached to the paint scheme. She currently is registered as Lucius Warhound (745) on Titan Owners Club blog of Legio Gyrphonnicus - but she has changed sector and allegiance and will now Walk for Legio Astorum!
The Titan was transported to Cumbria for repairs by my other TOC pal Lyden Miniatures, however somewhere in postal transport to me it was drop-kicked by the postie (?) and was in a sorry state, one weapon pinion was actually sheared (seen above on Plasma Blastgun) and a full repair was initiated.
I removed all the toes and reset the knee joint for a slightly different pose, this meant filing and shaping the toes to a different angle and extensive pinning. I chipped away all the baking powder/superglue/sculpty/polyfilla basing material and resprayed the legs from fresh. The plates were removed and resprayed Astorum colours.
As this was a vintage Warhound Lucius Pattern, I went with a retro Astorum Flame design for the Armour greaves, yes not 'flame' accurate with the tips in real life being the reddish, however from box art and old WD material the Astorum flame has the yellow at the extremities to contrast the most with the blue field.
The toes and feet were reconstructed and pistons and adornments repainted, piston tubes with Stormhost Silver with a line of grease/dirt where the tube travels up the sleeve, the ball joint alos got this treatment and the armour of the toes received Astorum (Kantor) blue.
The left most toe (right above) was fixed in place and wouldn't budge so instead of risking further damage, I left as it was - meaning a slight air gap but that can be filled with basing material - the toe on a rock makes the base and stance more believable anyway.

So, steady progress made, the Legs superstructure now complete, some highlighting of armour plates yet to be done but I should have this Warhound recommissioned and fighting once again. Lupus Excelsior will walk for Astorum!

Cheers, Princeps Seniores Siph


  1. It looks awesome. I may be a Gyrphonnicus advocate, but the new colours are proper sharp and striking - a well deserved upgrade.


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