28 Jan 2022

Daemon Princess or monument?

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As you might remember, a while ago I started work on a conversion using the momument from the Battle Sanctum, and parts from an old Daemon Prince, and the orginal Lord Of Change. 

I added the right leg to from the LoC to replace the human foot, I had to green stuff the claws so that it looked correct. The face of the Sister was cut away from the hair, and then a daemon head was cut to fit. The final addition was a right Daemon Prince arm.

The paint scheme was designed to look like a monument, however with a twist that the daemon element is alive. I opted for a Zandri dust base highlighted up, then washed with Agrax. I then added washes of Drakenhof Nightshade wash over the daemon parts, highlighted with white, and then Hexwraith technical paint to add a different hue to the model, this was repeated on the flames and candles to add to the otherworldly feel of the model. I then added red to the eyes to highlight the fact the momument is alive.

 Some images with some poor Guardsmen.

I am really happy with the way this model looks, and that the conversion was worth all the effort to cut the face away initialy! LH (10pts character or 5pts Scenery?)


  1. That looks fantastic! Love the little touches like the foot.

    Turned mine into a GSC effort, but I think I like yours more


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