21 Jan 2022

Deathwatch Land Raider - Done

Hello all! 

Thanks for stopping by - another week, another comleted model.

This time its a ride for my FirstBorns, one of my favourite tanks, the Land Raider! I've had this waiting to be completed for a while. 

The tank has been painted like the rest of my Deathwatch force, with a black undercoat, metallic black base, hightlights with Eshin Grey, then Thunderhawk Blue. Red has been used across the weapons to tie in the with force. I've also added, like the other tanks, a silver panel on the left of the tank, and a colour one to denote the commanders chapter of origin - this on is Blue with a U, for the Ultramarines. 

Thanks for looking! LH (10 points)

1 comment:

  1. Very nice. I will be doing one soon and seeing how you did yours has given me some insight on how to proceed on mine.


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