17 Jan 2020

Terrain and Scenery - Barricades complete!

Hello, One and All,

As you might know, I'm not a huge fan of terrain - unless it is as part of a base for a model etc. however I thought I'd get 2020 off with a bang with some completed terrain!
These are resin pieces that have been sat waiting to finish, they were based black, then given a heavy layer of grey. leaving the black in the recesses. The models then had a liberal coat of brown applied over the base and the lower portion of the model.
First points of the year LH. (5pts Terrain)


  1. These are great; where are they from?

    1. GW resin scenery from a few years back, I think the first Apoc release, now sadly OOP.

  2. Looks great, about time you started finishing some terrain, it always adds to the games experience and immersive appeal, hence I have loads! Nicely done mate

  3. Its a great set, I have these as well. lol, is it just me, or does everybody paint that wrecked bike in Ultrasmurf colors?


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