6 Jan 2020

Army Spotlight - Chaos Daemons - Jan 2020

Hello All, thanks for dropping by for a look-see. I hope you all had a good Christmas/Holidays period. Happy New Year too. So, I can't remember if I ever posted an Army Photo of my Chaos Daemons to date, certainly not in my labels for [Army Photo] so had to fix that and took the opportunity to dust the cabinet at the same time. What's not pictured is my latest additions seen after Christmas last year, Poxbringer, Flamers and Chaos Spawn.
The nice thing about Chaos Daemons are that the army is a wild wacky mix of colours and it's not Power Armour - it's organic, it's whatever colour you want really - I have green [Pink] Horrors because you know, Tzeentch likes it like that!
The army is headed up by a ForgeWorld Greater Daemon of Nurgle, a Great Unclean One, or when I get around to painting my two plastic GUO, this one will represent Scabieathrax the Bloated named Daemon.
For normal games of 40K, the Daemon Prince with Wings will probably be my Warlord. He is a fallen Ultramarine because Lord Halfpenny has a fallen Relictor Daemon Prince!
I also have the old sculpt of Fateweaver, I think for Fatey I prefer the smaller sculpt, the Greater Daemon Lord of Change can be the new larger plastic sculpt when I get around to getting one. This was painted by my good blogger buddy Nick at The Burning Eye
First of my troops choices, 10 Bloodletters, yes I need more but as a starter I have 10 of each of the boxed troops. I painted these.
Daemonettes painted by another blogger buddy, Dr Rob Hill at 30k Plus 40K, another great talented painter but I think Doctoring has taken him away from his blog for a while now - come back Rob!
'Cute' Nurglings painted by me again. A side project distraction whilst the hobby butterfly flutters about...
Pink [green] Horrors by Dr Rob Hill
Plaguebearers by Nick T
Plaguebearers by me again.
Bloodcrushers by Nick T, the great thing about Daemons is even though they are painted by several people and I return every now and then, the non-cohesive nature of the army doesn't affect the overall look of the army in the slightest.
Fiend of Slannesh by Nick T
Plague Toads by me again.
Screamers of Tzeentch by Nick T
Seekers of Slannesh by Nick T
Chaos Spawn, repainted by me.
Flamers of Tz, repainted by me.
Poxbringer of Nurgle, eBay find, part painted by me.

So, there you have it. A lot of room to expand and add units and a wealth of Special Characters. I think I will experiment using some Contrast Paints on some of these, more troops and next in the painting queue will be a Great Unclean One and a Rotigus GUO plus some Plague Drones - I quite like Nurgle... 

Cheers, Siph.


  1. Some great looking daemons you have there.
    I like that your daemon prince has a little history and I suspect that the great manipulator Tzeentch himself has blessed you...I mean, how else do you persuade people to paint units for you? ;-)

    1. Haha, I don't know, I think looking at this post-Crimbo belly I think it's Nurgle that's blessed me!

  2. I really like those dark blue-green plaguebearers, that's a great look.

    1. I like that they are different from the norm green. Eshin Grey with washes and Dawnstone. Greyish death.

  3. That's a great collection of models there!

    1. Cheers, kinda snuck up on me, collecting as a sidebar project between other projects so only when I get them out I realise I have over 2000pts Dual Battalion not yet a Brigade until I get some heavy support options.


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