20 Apr 2018

Reaver Titan WIP 24 - 'its Alive' (Promised big reveal..)

Hi One and all,

So, I promised a big reveal, so here it is, the Reaver standing in all its glory, the Reaver still has a load of details to finish, and to have purity seals and decals added to complete, however it is, in essence 'table ready'

 Other arm options include the titan fist, the gattling blaster and for the carapace, the apoc launcer and a plasma blastgun...

Now the bigger reveal, as you have seen my knights all have LED lights, so I couldn't possibly not do the same for the Reaver.. ' lights please'
 I've managed to install 4 white 3mm LED's in the 4 'eye sockets' with the cabling wired through into the torso. The wires are fed around the Princept, the thus the cockpit looks a little more 'snug'!I will post a 'how did  i do it' post for the lights- its not that easy!
Hope you all like how the project is coming along.

Cheers LH


  1. Awesome, but is this now finished? Painting Points awarded after transfers... looks like a mean armament, ouch. Have you reserved a place at the TOC Walk now?

  2. Looks great! I know its not done yet, but geez, what an accomplishment!

  3. Sweeeeeeeet - That look fantastic, man!

  4. Koolio. The Death Zebras were always one of my favourite Titan Legions.

  5. Love it, I hope to see this at MK on the 30th Jun @ the TOC Titan Walk.

    Any news on Siphs Warlord?

  6. Thanks for all the comments- I'm really happy with how the model is looking!


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