13 Apr 2018

Reaver Titan - WIP #23 - Weapons

Hi everyone! thanks for popping by!

Slow progress with the Reaver, I've taken to getting the weapons painted up.

The titan power fist, I've opted to go for the classic black and white stripped look, using the same metallic black and white as I've used for the rest of the titan. I need to gold edge the armour and then details the fingers.
The plasma blastgun I've again used the same colours, this time white for the plasma gun tip, and black for the rear armour. I will review the plasma weapon on the reaver to see if the plasma coil would look best in either blue or green.
The Apoc missile launcher has again had the white/black scheme. I think the missiles will be painted a bright colour to contrast with the armour. Again the edges need to be completed.
thanks for looking! I've got a feeling next week could be an interesting one.. LH


  1. Coming together nicely! Hopefully in time for The TOC Walk UK?

  2. Good call on the missiles. One half fluorescent orange and one half fluorescent green would certainly be a talking point.


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