29 May 2016

Magnetizing the Space Marine Stormhawk Interceptor - WIP

So, with options for the tail fin still open to change, I needed a way to interchange the Icarus Storm Cannon (longer range 3 shot medium strength) or the Las Talon (short ranged 2 shot Lascannon) depending on the foe. I looked at the kit and this was very simple to achieve. Simple placement of magnets in the nose cannon location and in the separate weapon mounts (thanks GW for a great interchangeable option). See pic above.

More progress very soon, this one jumped to the top of the to-do pile as I love it!


  1. I actually just went with a bit of blu-tac for this. It's completely hidden, and the guns are light enough and fit well enough that they just need a tiny bit of extra help to stay in there.

  2. It's going to the Relictors, right ?

  3. Already looking awesome. Can't wait to see more

  4. @ WestRider, yes you can do that too, but magnets are a more permanent solution, I find blu tac goes chalky after some time, especially if you interchange the guns. But the kit tolerances allow this too, it's a great kit.

    @ Zzzzzz, of course my friend. The Relictors 'need' one ;)

    @ Andrew, it's being painted now. You won't have to wait long, for once.

  5. Looking good, I've recently got into magnetising myself (though only done my Dark Talon at the moment). Picked up the Death from the Skies book and am enjoying some of the new rules and scenarios.

  6. After I primed the thing, spraying the nose guns separately, I found tha they actually pressure-fit perfectly, even without the blu-tac. That extra bit of thickness from the primer was all it needed.


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