16 May 2016

Weemen at Warhammerfest

Hello Readers and hello any bloggers who attended Warhammerfest in Coventry Ricoh Stadium this weekend. It was a great weekend with lots to see and on Sunday the Weemen headed to Nottingham for a massive 4200pt Imperial Knights Vs CSM/SM battle at Warhammer World.
We took a few phots but there are plenty of bloggers we know do a better job than us, so please head to Recalcitrant Daze and Battle Bunnies for their great reviews and some pics from Sons of Sotha Blog (nee Scythesoftheemperor link) who took along his own Weeman!









More great shots of this amazing board here:


Some great Staff collections in the Cabinets. I particularly liked these Carcharadons and the Scout helmets especially. Great work. More cabinet shots here:


And a really great cosplay take on actual 7-8ft tall Marines and some decent Guardsmen and a DKK. Well done, clearly a lot of work had been put into these.

We enjoyed the day, it was a lot smaller and less hectic than Gamesday, certainly less to see, but more pleasurable and less hassle. Thumbs up from the Weemen, we even managed to bag a table in the Bring and Battle area and had a 3 vs 3 vs 3 Imperial Knights battle which was quick, brutal and can now see why Renegades has more detailed rules for Knight on Knight... I won both games in the 2nd turn! 8 Knights down, only one remained each battle! Great fun.


  1. That tau super heavy just screams robotech!

  2. This was so cool! You at the open day?

  3. Cheers for putting the links in (rather than just posting up all the pictures...).

    Count down to the Open Day has begun.

  4. I may have to steal the idea of helmets on the Scouts. I am not a fan of the Scout heads, which is why I have no Scouts in my Carcharodons.

  5. @ Col H, no mate, and yes must of missed the Lord.
    @ Greg, I know, prefer these new weapons to the pulse drivers.
    @ Rictus, of course, you do the good work all day with camera in hand, you deserve the credit.
    @ Turkdactyl, I saw these and thought you'd like it!

  6. I really like seeing those Horus Heresy flyers they turned out fantastic!

  7. Cheers for the link guys and yep my Weeman love his day out.


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