26 May 2016

Relictors Space Marine Bike Squad #2 w/ Grav Guns

Welcome Readers, thanks for dropping by. Well, after all the excitement of Warhammerfest and Warhammer World, where the WeeMen had a great time on Saturday and Warhammer World on the Sunday, see previous posts, I loved the way my bikes were giving Lord Halfpenny's TEN Knights the run around, if not being a little ineffective - but choose your enemies wisely and bikes are great. Hot on the heels of my full five man Grav Gun Bike Squad, I finished off another three bikes to make another Grav Gun Squad. I will eventually add another two plain bikers, as ablative wounds for the squad, but I am yet to buy them.
The Sergeant was made from a Dark Vengeance bike like the Plasma Gun Squad and the fairings match the other squads Sergeants. I like making the veteran Sergeants look different from the other bikes. The Sergeant also has a Forge World Destroyer Squad helmet to mark him out as a Veteran. The left-handed Grav Gun required a minor conversion but removing the affixed hand and adding a left hand from the Devastators box set and an arm from the bits box.
The rear totem feathers were simply painted Hawk Turquoise with Nuln Oil wash and a fine dry brush again with Hawk Turquoise to bring the edges back to a brighter colour, quite similar to Dave Weston's Ravenwing Bikes at 40K Addict Blog. I always drill by exhausts as well as Bolter barrels for a touch of realism. For the Ravenwing Bike, I used a plain bikers torso and a Combi-Grav from the Sternguard set.

Thanks for dropping in. Cheers, Siph.


  1. Nice man, I don't wanna see another bike for quite a while after getting mine finished, but these look really cool. I'm hoping that my current marine project expands to look even half as good as your Relictors collection!

  2. Two loads of these ?!?! Hummm.

  3. @ Zzzzz, maybe another couple of squads yet... I have a lot of opposition from Lord Halfpenny's TEN Imperial Knights!


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