23 May 2016

Stormhawk Conversion Opportunities - thoughts on which one to do?

Hi readers, I am looking for some input in what to do with the Stormhawk. The first pic shows the original kit configuration.
To make the flyer look different from the Stormtalon's and more like an interceptor, an easy snip of the lower wing and this could be the result, a more streamlined shape, but generally keeps the similar rear wing like the StormTalon.
Or a re-positioning of the lower tail fin to become the upper rear fin and the cross piece on the underside like a traditional jet, they will be angled forward like the original tail so the flaps are at the back. This option requires a little more conversion and the rearward chaff launcher will launch chaff into the path of the tain fin, but what a tail - not streamlined as others, but a bold statement and similar to modern aeroplanes.

Or cut the bottom fin off completely and just use the cross piece on the underside leaving a shorter tail piece. The tain fins will then echo the shape of the front wings, the rear fin just needs a little sanding to remove the location lug. This adds a streamlined shape with the traditional jet look.

So, which to do? Suggestions please? -

1. Use as the kit comes.
2. Remove Lower Fin.
3. Add Lower Fin to top and re-position rear wings to the underside.
4. Remove Lower Fin and re-postion rear wings to the underside. My current favourite.


  1. I think option 3 looks best.

  2. I think option 2 is the best and makes it more streamlined.

    Putting the lower fin on the top looks weird due to the angle and that of the rudder as well.

    Look forward to seeing the progress

  3. Option 3, then option 2 is how I vote!

  4. For what its worth, I like the aesthetic of option number 4 myself :)

  5. Extend the fuselage. Reduce the weapon load to match the size of the engines. Tilt the wing surfaces for aerodynamic lift. Smooth out the 'square' bits for better aerodynamic performance.

  6. Option 5, though I liked Zz's thoughts too

  7. Thanks for your input guys and Zzzzz... You know SM flyers are meant to be brute force, not aerodynamic! ;)

    I think I've ruled out one and three, for the same concerns as Gareth and my mind says the chaff will launch straight into it. Two does look a lot sleeker, but from the top and front on I think number Four still wins out. I think it's the similar design to the drop ship tail in Aliens that influenced me. Hmmm... Food for thought, thank you all.

  8. I like 2 the best of these options.


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