2 Jun 2016

Relictors Space Marine Stormhawk Interceptor

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by to have a look-see. Here is my latest offering, a lovely StormHawk Interceptor flyer for the ever growing Relictors Battle Company. In the above shot, armed with an array of weapons - TL Assault Cannons, 3-shot Skyhammer Missiles and a short range 2-shot LasTalon lascannon. Brutal. The new flyer rules give Interceptors give -1 BS against surface targets, I will probably play this way without all the other flyer shenanigans - who will actually want another 'Flyer' phase, it's long enough with the separate 'Psychic' phase.
As you can see, after debating what to do with the tail fin, I weighed up the different options, thanks for your input guys, and decided to go with the under-wing at the rear, to differentiate from the StormTalon tailfin and cut away the large fin section with hung downwards. The top tail fin option was too 'helicopter gunship' like the StormTalon, I wanted a more 'Jetfighter' aesthetic - okay this kit will never be a Xiphon Interceptor!
As you can see in these two pictures, the loss of the downward tail section makes for a much more streamlined Interceptor, I've also as previously posted, magnetized the Icarus Storm Cannon and the Las Talon nose guns.  Incidentally, the horse was from my original box of skeleton warriors from back in the late 80's I found randomly in the closet of doom! Now put to good use.
Here you can see the look I was going for, much better in my humble opinion, more streamlined and faster looking.
From the rear you can see the 'Aliens Dropship Vibe' I was going for, and without the large under-fin attached to the top section, the Halo chaff launcher is free to fire and give me those re-rollable jink saves :)
Here is the magnetized Las Talon nose cannon, it fits into the mount seamlessly.
And for a slightly different profile, both aesthetics and stats, here is the Icarus Storm Cannon. Depends if you want lower strength, 3-shot long range or the double tap short range lascannon option.
A slightly different nose profile with this option. I used yellow for the Skyhammer Missiles, I think a great long range, mid power missile load out, I think is great for anti-air! Across my entire force, the missiles are painted yellow to really pop.
Above you can see the different brutal nose cannon options and silhouette - these things certainly don't rely on aerodynamics to fly! All of about 3 inches of actual wing surface to provide any sort of lift ha ha. (I also went for port and starboard red/green navigation lights at the end of the wings - for those times it is not ramming itself in the faces of the enemy!)

Here are some close ups of the tail as requested by Reddit readers and hopefully others will find it a useful reference (looking at you Corrm!)
I did contemplate filling the gap with a little plasticard, but it hardly shows and could be a vent of whatever description. I did add some weathering to the underside of the tail, as in its new position it is in line with the maneuvering thrusters on the body, to give it a lot more agility in a dogfight no doubt!
And finally, a rear shot showing the Halo chaff launcher and what your enemies will see - as they crash and burn, the fast disappearing shape of their nemesis...

Overall, I loved this kit, and without a cockpit to worry about, painting was fairly simple and quick. I just removed the jet nozzles and exhausts, nose cannons, missiles, all the sensor lenses and engine intakes, and was then able to spray and wash and drybrush the entire model grey, before adding the details back once the entire superstructure was complete.

Thanks for reading. Cheers, Siph.


  1. Love it, I'm definitely gonna have to get me at least one of those!

  2. Well done. I really like your use of color to break up the gray.

    Does this thing come with rules in the box or are we stuck buying Death from the Skies in order to field it?

  3. Excellent!! Really like the grey. The yellow missiles add a great contrast. Nice work.

  4. Thanks everyone,

    @TheRhino, it comes with rules to a point, no stats for Halo Launcher (but is just re-roll Jink) and stats for Icarus Cannon is in Codex Stalker entry, and LasTalon is a half range but two shot Lascannon.

    @imperialrebelork, thanks, it's my normal Codex Grey (Dawnstone) and Nuln Oil wash and highlight Fortress Grey, (now Administratum Grey)

  5. Great choice for colours. I agree with TheRhino. Good amount of black and yellow to break up the grey.

  6. Looks great! I'm just waiting on mine to be delivered, think I might steal your streamlined look.....

  7. @ Turkdactyl, yep, Carcharadons would love one ;)

    @ Corrm, steal away, I'll put up another pic of the close up tail, but it's a simple cut along the base of the tail fin along the edge of the fuselage, before fitting both halves of the fuselage together. I just scored it and snapped it off cleanly, then used a file to smooth out the underside.

  8. Lovely model, beautiful paint job, impressive load out. You do know that the Black Templars have absolutely no AAA ?

  9. Thanks for the additional images. I've just finished assembling and painting my Stormhawk using your conversion for the tail fin (pics going up on the blog this week). It looks great next to the Stormtalon.

    On a side note, I'd love for you to take part in my "Better Know a Blogger" series. If you are interested, drop me an email (corrm83@gmail.com)


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