8 Jun 2016

Relictors Space Marine 4th Company Devastators Squad w/ Grav Cannons

Hello Good Readers, hope you are well. Here is my latest offering, I got these Devastators with Grav Cannons and Grav Amps ready for the massive battle we had at Warhammer World a few weeks ago, with the exception of a few details and the heads, so hot on their success in Imperial Knight slaying, I finished them.
The Sergeant received his Combi-Grav, so with the Grav Cannons and Grav Amps for re-roll, this squad puts out 23 grav shots if stationary (or Relentless in an Skyhammer Annihilation Force) with a damage re-roll of 20 of those for getting those glancing Sixes! Almost guaranteed to kill a Landraider or Termie Squad - but at a cost point premium, this squad costs more than those said targets when fully kitted out. But, in that Skyhammer, this is a great Alpha Strike, otherwise a points sink. When I am not using the Skyhammer, I'll farm out the Grav Cannon marines to various Tactical Squads in games.
Here's the Sergeant, I like the 4th Company green trims to the pauldrons, a change from the majority of my Relictors 5th Company black trimmed black pads, just seen that I missed the Sergeant's gun casing Aquila, doh, have to quickly fix that.
I added two stripes to the Chainsword and a green 4th Company Knee Pad for a touch of colour as the accent colour I usually use on the weapon casings in bone is missing from these Devastators - I was up against the time pressures of getting them ready for Warhammer World, so the bone went - but I like the different scheme - marks them different from the mass of 5th Company marines.

Right, next up for the Relictors painting pile - Bikes, maybe something rather shooty which has been languishing in the closet of doom for years... and a lot more Devastators - my aim is for another Grav Cannon 5-man Squad for an effective Skyhammer Annihilation Force alpha strike, plus I want a squad of 4 Heavy Bolters for the rule of cool - they look awesome - so much dakka. And then maybe some Lascannons, Multi-Meltas... the Devastator box comes with more weapons than you can use, so I had to buy a Tactical Squad just to use the bodies as Devastators!

Thanks for reading.


  1. I love them, this type of squad is the next item on my purchase list (got a deal going with a mate to each buy a box and I'll get the grav cannons, he gets lascannons).

    Have you considered the Cataphractii captain with them though? Makes the assault squads from the skyhammer formation unnecessary and allows them to use relentless more than once in the game. The captain then becomes quite a nice tank for the unit, re-rolling 1's on his invun saves (give him a storm shield or shield eternal and he's an extremely tough proposition.

    I love the grey scheme though, I'm not sure I could have persisted in painting it for as long as you have, but your Relictors are the inspiration for my own burgeoning Dusk Knights army, I hope to rival their size sometime!

  2. Looking great dude. You must have quite a force now. Maybe an army shot of what you have done so far? I for one would like to see one

  3. Cheers Nick, I have thought about a Cata Capt and that is certainly an option, I would prob run with the Sheild Eternal, but means I need to make a mini to represent him. Maybe the new FW Cataphracti Captain will make an ideal mini.

    NafNaf, I did one in Feb but I'll see what I can do. http://weemen.blogspot.co.uk/2016/02/relictors-battle-company-on-parade-all.html

  4. "MOAR" grav weapons ? Entirely suitable for the Relictors of course.

  5. Yes,I've been slow on the take up, but quickly building up my Grav weaponry, including a Landraider Excelsior Command Tank from WHW exclusive ;)

  6. I bought Devastators before grav-cannons were included. I have to bits order them right now and they are expensive. One day. I have to paint up the multi-meltas, plasma cannons, lascannons and heavy bolters anyways. Love the army. Keep it up.

  7. Honestly Turkdactyl, it's probably cheaper to buy two boxes of Devs, and then sell all the bits you don't want. £26 for four Grav Cannons, or £56 for two boxes minus 4x ML, 4x Plasma, 4x MM, 4x HB, 4x LC, plus you get more Serg Signums, and the cool old school legs. Even if you sell the weapons at a quid each, you make back about the cost of a box!


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