21 Jun 2016

Mechanicum - Cult Mechanicus Datasmith

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by and checking out WeeMen... no Relictors progress this week, but a little progress with something different, hobby butterfly continues to plague my projects...
I actually sprayed the cloak with a car spray to see the effect it would give, and I quite liked it, I added some highlights but generally this is what it sprayed like, some depth and shadow to it over the basecoat of Chaos Black.
I spent awhile matching the blue power orbs/cables etc to match my first Datasmith, painted by Mordian7th.
I spent some time on the face to make sure it looked decent. And a head green power cable to match the first Datasmith too. But this one has a little more dull metal and less Gold/Bronze to differentiate. 
And finally, a matching pair of Datasmiths, both similar but slightly different schemes, not bad attempt to match the excellent Mordian7th's handiwork, continuing to make the Ad Mech forces my own. Cheers for dropping in, some progress on the Kastellan Robots for this Datasmith soon - I think triple Heavy Phospher Blasters for the next two...


  1. They go together wonderfully. Similar palette, but different enough to be unique! Not always easy to match another artists work!

  2. Lovely work, man! If I'm honest I think I prefer your take on the paint scheme to mine! :)

  3. Cheers Greg, it's Ben fun adding units to Mordians force.

    Mordian7th, nah mate, your Ad Mech trims take more work than my quick spray! It's been a great task adding Units along the same lines as yours, makingi a quite a big force when it's done - nowhere near rivalling the Relictors mind you ;)

  4. Love these, well done!


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