20 Apr 2015

Plasma Obliterator Unboxing - Terrain and Scenery

 Hello Readers, just received my Plasma Obliterator through the mail, and I thought I'd show pics to any of you still waiting? I'm afraid it does indeed look like a short splash release, again, manufactured in China and made of a plastic more lightweight and brittle than the 'normal' GW plastics. Very similar in weight and sound to Pegasus Hobbies snap-fit buildings, if any of you have those. But not polyfoam cast like the VSG.
 The pieces came pre packed into bags and bubble wrap and all have been removed from the sprues (if at all), with some very minor clean up required, not bad at all. The sharp points even have poly stoppers to prevent injury/damage. Below is a revese shot of the pieces, showing the marks where it was snipped from the extruding machine.
 The detail on the pieces is quite sharp, but not as sharp as GW plastic kits such as the new SM Tactical Squad, again, very akin to the Pegasus Hobbies range of terrain.
All in all, a decent buy I reckon, although sadly many people will have to pay over the odds from unscrupulous ebay sellers... shame. I'd like a VSG, but I'm not paying £200 for one!!

I'll look forward to constructing this one after I've finished a few other minor projects...
What's a nice touch was in the package was a free Pin Badge and car sticker set, one of which is on my car already!


  1. Interesting that it is a different plastic. They must be doing this more often I think as it takes up little resources on their front. Still pisses alot of the player base off though. Not a fan of these limited releases

  2. I really don't understand the point of limited releases...the tooling of even this project would be substantial. They basically throw money away by making it limited...

  3. Totally agree, I wish these were not limited editions, or if they insist, then at least make twice as many as currently doing so! It's just frustrating, especially if you are out of the country working when they hit the shops! Darn you GW, I wanted a VSG...


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