30 Jun 2014

Terrain and Scenery - Pegasus Hobbies Gothic City Ruined Church

This is a rather nice Pegasus Hobbies terrain piece, as a change from the many GW Cities of Death range. Itis mainly modular design and sturdy panels with snap fit connections which I also glued for strength. A simple drybrush of Codex Grey and Fortress Grey over a Volvo Grey (Charadon Granite-like) spray can. I also initially coated with GW Roughcoat so give a nice textured stone finish.
The resin pile of rubble was from a Battlefield in a Box range and the Cities of Death lamp brings this piece to the 41st Millennium.
Inside and out I added flagstone paving slabs (cardboard squares from the box it came in) to reduce the amount of sand I would be using and to add variation.
Here's a WIP shot showing the cardboard.
One pillar was snipped of and placed as wreckage strewn to add variety and cover for the weemen.
Another cities of death lamp to add detail and interest and it was completed with the 3mm hardboard base.
Scalewise it is perfect for 28mm and height wise will hide an Imperial Knight.

Scenery is quick and easy, go do some! For other terrain ideas for your weemen, click HERE. Thanks for looking.


  1. Looks great. Was wondering how some of these kits looked!

  2. I've looked at Pegasus stuff on and off for years. The techno bridge seems to do the rounds but you rarely see the buildings.

    Nice work on this one though. The interior detailing is well done.

  3. Very nice! I have one of their other Gothic church kits, but it didn't come with those cool looking toppers for it's pillars like your's. Think I'll have to get this kit too afterall.

  4. Nice job! I've got one that's never had the interior finished, now I know how to do that, thanks!


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