10 Jun 2014

Blog Wars 7 Tournament List - Iron Warriors

Hi all - this weekend is the 7th iteration of the worlds best 40K tournament; Blog Wars. All the Weemen have been to at least one of these Tournaments, but I am proud to say that I've been to every one so far.

Unfortunately Siph and Lord H wont be able to make it this time, but there seems to be a ton of guys going from my local gaming club Red Steel Preston - so there should be loads of familiar faces.

I will of course be taking my beloved Iron Warriors - in a list not too different from my Blog Wars 6 list to be honest...but that's mainly because I don't think I've actually played a game of 40K since Blog Wars 6...

Ezekiel Abaddon (I use his full name for a reason ;))

10 CSMs (Melta Gun, Missile Launcher, Power Sword)
Rhino (Havoc Missile Launcher)

10 CSMs (Plasma Gun, Missile Launcher, Power Sword)
Rhino (Havoc Missile Launcher)

10 Cultists

10 Cultists

Helbrute (T/L Lascannon, Missile Launcher)

3 Terminators 

Fast Attack 
2 Heldrakes (Hades Autocannon)


3 Oblitorators (Mark of Nurgle)

3 Oblitorators (Mark of Nurgle)

So...twin Heldrakes and twin Obliterators...a little spammy I'll admit, but I'm hoping folks wont mind too much seeing as I haven't played in almost 6 months. And lets be honest, pure CSM are hardly a power army...

I also had some 'insight' on what some of the Red Steel guys were taking - and friendly it is not - and couple that with what are bound to be a few armies literally full of Leman Russ' and I don't feel too bad.

For a change I am taking a dataslate formation - Hellcult. This is two units of Cultists and a Helbrute. The Cultists give the Helbrute a 3+ cover save (by throwing themselves in front of fire) and get Fearless back in return.

The Heldrakes have lost the Baleflamers as well - whilst this might seem stupid, I've had a few games where a S6 AP3 flamer actually did very little (e.g. Termis/mech), but have found Vector Striking and then 4 S8 shots into rear armour extremely effective.

Can't wait to throw some army pics up - I don't want to spoil the surprise, but despite my lack of posts on the blog recently, I have been hard at work getting the Iron Warriors into shape and they are looking pretty cool...

See you all there.


  1. I think twin heldrakes are almost mandatory in a csm army, doesn't mean id like to face them though :)

  2. Looking forward to seeing you there! (although hopefully not facing your list! ;))

  3. Best of luck - hope you did good mate, I look forward to seeing your reports whilst I'm away on the very crinkly brine :S


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