16 Jun 2014

Terrain and Scenery - Imperial Sanctum Ruins

Just a quick update whilst I'm away at sea. I did this last time at home to populate the new Games Table. These are a simple basecoat, wash and a few rough details, finished of with the normal base of Calthan Brown, Kommando Khaki and Bleached Bone drybrush PVA glued sand on 3mm hardboard (fibreboard for you across the pond).
Simple and effective, and very forgiving - no winners for best painted here, but 10x better than grey plastic! So, make this year the year you paint some of that scenery for your weemen!

For more ideas on scenery - click here.


  1. Top stuff mate - another cracking piece of terrain - and the height on that one is very impressive.

    It must indeed be the year of terrain, I've noticed quite a bit popping up around the blog-o-sphere.

    Looking at my unpainted collection I'm wishing I'd gone for more than the standard corner pieces, and been a bit adventurous and added some internal corners and a suggestion of more complete ruins.

  2. Makes me want to create my own gaming board and terrain - but have to stop myself - got no room for it whatsoever. Maybe I should move house?

  3. Looking good! I like your use of the hardboard. It still allows for the building to integrate into different tables.

    It seems quite common to just use a large rectangular piece of fiber/hard board, but then any excessive flocking can make it look out of place on certain tables (if you move from place to place with your terrain).


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