3 Jun 2013

Relictors Rapier Heavy Bolter Carriage WIP#2

So, progress has been very slow but to show there has at least been some - a WIP shot of the Rapier Heavy Bolter Carriage seen before. Now with added crewman.... one more crewman to go. Once painted up, I'll photograph better, but I thought this is the main bit done so feast your eyes.
The crewman has a bionic left arm, something I didn't see until painting. Love it - however I'll need to do something about it for the other 3 identical crewmen in the three Rapier Laser Destroyer Batteries! They can't all have bionic arms?!
Although these take up an Elite slot (1-3 Platforms) i have painted them up as Devastator marines, 'cos what can be heavier than a heavy weapon you can ride! I decided to use an old resin large bike base to mount it too. A round dreadnought sized base was too big. I've never mounted the Thunderfire Cannon but may have to after seeing the results with this one, a base suits it.
See why I love this miniature? Awesome view - dakka dakka dakka!


  1. Very cool! I love the quad heavy bolter rapier, definitely going to have to pick up one of those at some point. Love how it looks in the Relictors livery as well - keep up the great work, man!

  2. Looking very cool. Have you tried a small blast template for size as a base?

  3. Cheers Guys, and Colin, yes mate, the small blast is great for Thunderfire and Techmarine but a little too large for this - and gamewise being unnecessarily caught under a blast because of a base i don't need would suck really!

  4. Looks brilliant Siph - can't wait to see the battery completed. Echoing Mordian - the Relictors scheme looks great on these guys.


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