27 May 2013

Iron Warriors - Daemon Prince Conversion

Hi guys - not many updates from me recently, a new job is keeping me uber busy, but I have managed to get a little work done on the Weedudes.

This is my Iron Warriors Daemon Prince conversion - apologies up front for the quality of the pics...it turned out a little larger than I expected and was almost impossible to get it all in frame.
I have no interest in fielding a Daemon Prince for my Iron Warriors, but odds are that I will one day roll the Daemon Prince gift on the Boon table and not have a model to field for it.
The conversion is made up from four legs from a Defiler, a fifth Defiler leg as a 'neck' and a CSM Daemon Prince torso. There are also Maulerfiend parts on there as well as a few random Chaos bits and a shed-ton of greenstuff.
The model went together nicely...except for when I finally glued the 'neck' into place with the metal Daemon Prince torso on it - which unbalanced the entire model. To get around it, I added as much to the rear legs as possible to counterweight the thing (I didn't really want to put it on a base) - hence the chains and random bits.
The model is kind of huge for a Daemon Prince...probably a bit too big for a Greater Daemon, but once I got started I couldn't stop building and it looks pretty cool as part of my army.


  1. Love it, you could also proxy as a Soulgrinder if you play Allies?


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