19 May 2013

Relictors Rapier Heavy Bolter Gun Carriage - WIP

Hi folks, due to professional exams, progress has been very slow recently. But, all study and no weemen makes a dull day, so I have been working on a Forgewolrd Heavy Bolter Rapier Gun Carriage and crew.
Lord Halfpenny, 6thDegree and I work on a FW models are acceptable rule for our 40K, so the rule of cool works here, 4 Heavy Bolters would have been awesome, (Hvy 12) but alas not even 2 twin linked (Hvy 6 TL) made it through the ruleset. A meagre random 4 TL shots ?? Rubbish, but the low points cost (can't print for IP reasons but the same as a Rhino with Dozer Blade) make it a viable Elite slot if used in conjunction with some more Rapier Laser Destroyer or Thudd Gun platforms. Hell, I just love the blunt raw 4 muzzle look - rule of cool.

What do you think? Do you field models because you love the look of them, regardless of how good they perform? Thanks for dropping by. 

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