8 Apr 2013

Iron Warriors – Aegis Defence Line

Here is a mini-project I have been working on for my Iron Warriors (I say mini-project, although its actually a key component of my current army build) – an Aegis Defence Line.
The conversion from Imperial to Chaos was pretty easy to do – using a rectangular scalpel blade, with the edge on the end, I was able to chisel/scrape off the Imperial Aquila's and then stippled on some liquid GS to add some texture back to the surface of the walls.
I then just used bits from the Chaos Vehicle Sprue (that I didn’t use on my latest Rhino), made some sandbags (rolls of GS that are then pressed slightly flat with a tea towel to add texture and cut to the right size) and some barbed wire (from Army Painter I believe), to make them more Chaos-y.

Whilst I am not using the typical Chaos spikes/skulls on my Iron Warriors – I think they fit perfectly on the Aegis.


  1. Simple, but effective. Nice.

  2. Very, very cool! I've been mulling over how to make up some Aegis for my Word Bearers for some time, and you've definitely given me a clue for sure. This is awesome, and I'm totally copying.
    Now I just wish I had more skulls...


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