22 Mar 2013

Relictors Scout Bikes - WIP

With the coming of 6th, Scout Bikers have become a lot more viable, with true toughness of 5 not just 4(5) and with additional Hammer of Wrath attacks in CC, I'm liking what I see. Plus their Infiltrate and Scout Move (but now they can't assault on first turn if Outflanking from Reserve) I quite like what they bring for a fairly low points cost. I have a squad of 5 old Scout Biker models on SM Bikes I have wanted to use for eons as well as 3 newer Scout Bikes from the Spearhead Boxset, so I added two more bikes and now need to get around to painting all ten... the first 5 new plastics are on the painting bench. I envisage the heavier SM bikes loaded with long range scouting stuff, Ravenwing packs and whatnot. They may take longer to get done knowing my short attention span, but these first five are the short range recce team, so light on add-on packs and roll mats etc.
The main bike bodies will be done shortly, I find its all the details that will take the time. I also picked up a few Sci-Fi helmeted heads to use as bike helmets (top left above), instead of the plastic Scout heads. The cool respirator head will still make the cut, like my footslogger scouts (here), he will be the Sergeant.
What was I saying about details.... so many parts to choose from... only question is how many Astartes Grenade Launchers? One , Two or Three?

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