2 Mar 2011

Starting a WFB army

Hi all – no posts from me in a while...not because I haven’t been making progress with the Weemen, but more that I am rubbish at getting round to take pics.

Following my xmas exploits in Warhammer World, I made the decision to start a Warhammer army and picked up a Warriors of Chaos battalion boxed set.

I have chosen to dabble in WFB as the majority of my local GW obsessed friends play WFB more than 40K, so I thought I would join in the fun. In fact – they are so WFB oriented that I had trouble picking an army that wasn’t already being played. I think I had the choice of Skaven, Ogres, Beastmen, Brettonia and WoC…and still having 100+ gaunts to paint, I decided to go for an army that wasn’t high-volume.

Since picking up the battalion box I have managed to finish a unit of Warriors and a unit of Warhounds – and I have almost finished a Sorcerer, a unit of Knights and a unit of 20 Marauders.

Chaos Warrior Command

Chaos Warrior Unit


War-poochy Unit

As you can see – I have decided to go for the “Khorne-blood red” theme for the warriors that will continue throughout the army. Although the army looks like they are dedicated to Khorne – they aren’t. I will typically be playing an undivided army and will only have one or two units that are dedicated to a specific god. I chose the colour scheme because I like it and it complements the tribe’s name – "The Children of the Crimson Tide" (I thought it sounded a bit Conan-ish).

I had a couple of small games with the battalion to learn the WFB rules – which went well and led me to go on a bit of a spending spree. In the space of a week the army bulked up to:

Chaos Lord on Daemonic Steed

Chaos Sorcerer

Chaos Hero

24 Chaos Warriors (12 Hand Weapon/Shield and 12 Halberd/Shield)

40 Marauders (20 Hand Weapon/Shield and 20 Great Weapons)

8 Marauder Horsemen

20 Warhounds

10 Chaos Knights

10 Chosen (inc. Command)


All that comes to about 2600pts when you start tooling everyone up and provides a solid core that I can add too bit-by-bit.

I also had my first full sized game recently, facing off against a gun-heavy Empire army and was pleased to win approx 2300 – 670; by the end, most of my units we pretty decimated, but still holding strong (including a unit of 3 Warriors who suicidally charged a unit of 40 swordsmen), whereas the Empire army was all but tabled (a lone Hellblaster Volley Gun lay just too far away to charge in the final turn).

What’s next? I am thinking about bulking up both Marauder units (to about 40 each) and adding another unit of Warriors…and probably a Hellcannon.


  1. The script/runes on the banner are really clean and detailed. I like it!

  2. Hey there! Nice to see you posting again! I am currently in the process of building my Orcs and Goblins army. This is going to be my first Fantasy army and it's going to be based on tons of Savage Orcs. :) Savage Giants. Savage Orc Boar Boyz... all that good stuff.

  3. Good to see you posting again 6th Degree, thought you and Pornstarjedi may have died, lol ;) Don't tempt me - I only just sold a massive Chaos WFB Army I'd bought several months earlier with no hope to play it - oh well. Plenty of other Relictor weemen to keep me busy!

  4. @Larry - thanks, they were actually really easy (I kind of cheated)...I used a fine pigment pen and drew them on. The pen is permanent - so you can then wash over it without the ink running.


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