11 Mar 2011

Relictors Librarian with Force Axe

According to the Relictors fluff they have more than their fair share of Librarians to help find and wield all those Chaos Artefacts they go round finding and fighting with, so without further ado, please find my latest addition to the Relictors. I have another in the pipeine with a Sanguinary Guard winged Jump Pack.I picked this one up on Ebay basecoated to a reasonable standard to save me the time and effort of starting from scratch and proceeded to highlight the armour, do detailing, shading and plasma coils and Relictor Grey panels, shoulderpads, base, all metal work etc. Pretty much all again then! The face is not my own work except the scars/bio eye and I picked out the teeth and tongue. The seller only wanted a tenner so a bargain considering the fair state and efforts he had put in on the face, cloth and parchment and the time it has saved me!Don't worry Hephesto, I haven't forgotten your request for an Army so far progress shot but you will just have to wait until I get back in the country again, damn real jobs!

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