4 Mar 2011

Relictors Mortis Pattern Rifleman Dreadnought

Well, finished the latest addition to the growing Relictors Army, Ancient Brother Drax (a salute to Admiral Drax just 'cos he seems a nice chap), a Mortis Pattern Rifleman Dreadnought. I moved the light from the top to the midrift, I quite like it and it doesn't clutter the top with all the spikey bits.

I love this shot, four barrels of boom boom, Pornstarjedi's Ultramarines are gonna hurt. I added some scale empty ammo cartridges to the resin base.

And lastly a shot with the first dread I painted, not a bad match! Just still need to do the spare arms of the Mortis one just in case I feel the need to field as an Assault Cannon and Dred CCW.


  1. Love the ring of spikes on top - makes them really imposing!

  2. Admiral Drax is, I believe a Devonian. Sound chaps, Devonians. the Lambsheads come from Dartmoor.


  3. I like the conversion work on them with the spikey bits -- nice touch.

  4. Cheers guys, Yeah Tristan, try to add some chaos spikey bits to add to the Relictor fluff theme bit and cheers John, i'm a Pompey Musher myself. But all Southerners I see. I've spent a fair few weeks training on Dartmoor!

  5. That's fantastic - and thank you for the honour; I'm most flattered.

    For the record, I'm a Pompey boy myself - born and bred. Just happened to fall in love with Devon a few years ago and (after a few years in the flatness of Norwich) it didn't take much persuading for me to move down here!

    Great idea with the light too. "Heaven's Light...", perchance?

  6. Ach! Damned thing wouldn't let me 'subscribe'...

  7. This post has inspired me, can't wait to build my own Rifleman Dreadnought


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