13 Mar 2011

2011- the year of the Warmongers

A while ago, both myself and Siph purchased Reaver Titans, and set about taking on the infamous Reaver Challenge. We had both seen the amazing work my InnerGeek, and his awesome Reaver, thus we decided to give the challenge a go, and blog our Titans- Siph has already completed his Titan, so its my turn!

To start the task, I decided to go for a full base. My initial thought was to go base-less, however having seen several 'unsteady' Reaver's I feel that it is a necessity to have the protection of having a stable base.I've opted to go for a large wooden chopping board, from a local shopper market, This will act to give weight to the base to prevent the Reaver from falling over. I've then used the battlescape GW piece- I love the level of destruction with the piece, and I feel that it sits nicely with the carnage that a Reaver is associated with. I have also built the inner parts of the Rhino, as my intention is to have the side door and hatches open, with the inside visible. I feel that it would look unfinished if the Rhino didn't have the inner workings. So I attacked a spare rhino and cut the sides, base and centre parts to fit within the battlescape. I also hope to include a victim hiding within the Rhino. Once the base is complete I will look to pin the feet into position, pinning them directly into the wooden board.
Just for comparison, the below pictures are of the base, plus the Reaver's feet, with Chief Tigurius next to them- its a big project!

Once I've got the base finished and painted, I'll post the images with a progress report


  1. Nice, I did the same thing with my Warhound so I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks with a Reaver.

  2. A good start! I'm looking forward to see it progress!


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