24 Sept 2010

Relictors Devastator Squad WIP

This is the first of a squad of Devastator Marines in MKIII Iron Armour from the new FW Armour sets. I experienced some heavy frosting from the Army Painter Uniform Grey Primer, think I sprayed too much from a distance too far and the can was nearly empty so more propellent was sprayed and evaporated, however, it doesn't take away from the Iron look.

19 more Devs to go, one squad in MKIII Iron Armour with 2 RT style Missile Launchers from FW and arm conversions to keep the Iron Armour wrist guards and a new Devastator Missile loaded Powerpack conversion to fit onto a MKIII backpack - pain and fiddly but a curved file is a godsend on the wrist guards! And a take on a Signum so the Sergeant can have a banner as well. The second and final squad of my Battle Company will have MKVII plastics.
And yes, they are Vanguards in the background...


  1. Those are great conversions of the Missile Launcher arms! They really look seamlessly done.

    I am looking forward to seeing them done!


  2. And there's me thinking it was the lamenter's company morris dancers?

    Shaping up into a solid force, those missile launcher are a blast from the '30 Smurf's per £12 box set' past...

    Forgeworld are delving the nostalgia then ... nice.


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