15 Sept 2010

Photographing Weemen - FtW Collaborative Post

Ron at FTW asked about how we go about Photgraphing and editing our pics. Well here I simply use more than one desk lamp, one for the face view and one to wipe out shadows from the side.
The mini's are simply placed on a piece of white paper and a photo taken with 'Macro Mode' on, the one with the flower icon.
Once done, I use the free downloaded Picasa to edit the photos, mainly Crop and 'Feel Lucky' then done.

This was done with just the two lamps, on an overcast afternoon, with rubbish 2MP camera - not too bad eh?

1 comment:

  1. Is that an archeotech camera you are using? I thought that they stopped making 2 megapixel ones at the start of the new Millennium.
    Thanks for the tip, though. Will try and give it a shot. I usually take pictures outside, where I can put models in the grass and take a picture with natural light. Gives the model some realism to it and the terrain sometimes hides black bases if they are not finished. Works like a charm and all you need is the macro function. Though, super macro works better for me and I like it when I am able to balance the camera on the ground and give it a timer setting so that I can minimize any movement. Super Macro is very sensitive after all.


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