15 Sept 2010

Relictors Attack Bike

Welcome to the newest member of the ever growing Relictors 5th Battle Company. I picked this bike up ages ago but only just got round to making it. I've magnetised the Heavy Bolter and Multi-Melta so I can either shoot up Tyranids (6th degree) or melt Ultramarines (Pornstarjedi)!

I like the idea of turbo boosting 18-24" in first turn to get a 3+ cover save in open ground and then moving 12" and shooting both twin-linked bolters and heavy weapon (relentless rule) before crashing into assault 6" with 2 attacks (+1 for charging) - as part of a bike squad with a Sergeant armed with a power weapon as well and their toughness 5 makes these a great fast unit.

The Pennant is from the Chaplain on a bike model - but he's been sold and bits saved for the Sergeant's bike (feathered Fairing).

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