4 Sept 2010

Relictors Venerable Dreadnought

Progress on my Relictors Battle Company continues albeit not with the remaining troops. After last weekend's Battle with Pornstarjedi's Ultramarines and his long lasting Dreadnoughts i thought it was time I put paint to brush and did my Venerable Dreadnought.
I'm quite pleased how the plasma coil came out. As usual I did all the arm options to keep my choice of weapons to use open. The paint scheme was generally a normal Relictor Dred but with extra "bling" Gold touches throughout.
The spiked halo is the same as the previous dred (see last pic below) but with gold tips. Taken from the Chaos Vehicle Accessories Sprue.
The shoulder and groin numerals reflect his Veteran status being a member of the 1st Company, however he has been seconded to the 5th Company for these operations, hence the large numeral 5 on the opposite shoulder or shin guard.
Lastly a comparison with the previous Dred. I had him out on the painting station the whole time to monitor and mimic painted areas and schemes etc. so they would finish off looking similar but with distinct Venerable differences. I think I achieved a good overall finish and a coherent look.


  1. it looks great, and I also like your plasma cannon. the only suggestion I have is go back over the decal on the left shoulder pad (the numeral I) with black to hide the shine. keep up the good work with the company!

  2. D'nyarak, thanks - saw that too when posted the phots. Done and blacked out now, much better. Been sidetracked now - Tigurius 'counts as' and an attack bike underway - troops after that...


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