12 Sept 2010

Battle Report Relictors vs Ultramarines 2500pts - pic heavy

I won't be going into much details, let the pics do the talking. We decided a nice big 2500pt battle but as it happens I think my altered and altered list came out nearer 2600pts. Not a game decider however not a totally fair one too. Needless to say, the Relictors really countered and then destroyed the Ultramarines - helps when you know that the UM will come in with a Dred Drop Pod assault turn one and then Vanguard later. And I had my new Venerable Dred and 'counts as' Tigurius to use...I had my own Relictor Drop Dred too as a contesting distraction - ended up drawing the troops into CC and destroyed them before the UM Termies destroyed him - job done though.Lots of focus went toward the middle objective but sniping Pornstarjedi's troops was my main aim. It worked leaving him only one troops choice to claim one objective. I still had 19 out of 25 troops alive at the game end and claimed 3 objectives.The Relictors castled up at the beginning unleashing lots of hurt on the two dreds and destroying them with ease with Melta shots and Assault Termies and 'counts as' Tigurius, then a few units of Assault Marines and Ven Dread held back on the table rear quarter for the inevitable Vanguard. This put Pornstarjedi off and he placed them straight from reserve to his table edge and then the Relictor force opened up its guns and shot them to pieces.
Morale of the story, get your uber CC troops in cover or CC, not out in the open - Pornstarjedi miscalculated assault distances twice which I think lost him the game. Tigurius was my man of the match, great in CC and sneaky Null Zone to re-roll Pornstarjedi's successfull inv 3+ Storm Shield saves and Machine Curse to inflict glancing damage on Dreds and Landraiders.

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