9 Sept 2010

Relictors 'counts as' Librarian Tigurius

I thought it was about time I put paint to one of my HQ choices, and since fluff wise the Relictors have a lot of Libarians to study the Chaos Relics they come across, it was only a natural choice to do the Master of Librarians, Tigurius (counts as).
The Tigurius mini had lots of lots of Ultramarine symbols which I dremeled off and then cut the arm off holding the Rod of Tigurius to use something all too different. The left arm was replaced with a suitable gauntleted Chaos SM hand and a Scout Bolt Pistol was placed instead. The grey power pack vents and the shoulder Pauldrons indicate his Relictor Chapter markings.
I had a look at Ron's How to Paint Force Weapons from the FTW archive however lacking turquoise paint I used Fenris Grey Foundation and the Blue Asry wash, not bad I thought for a first attempt. The book was from a Dark Angels Veteran sprue and the Force Weapon from a Grey Knight in Power Armour.
Hope you like. It was fun painting something not Grey!!


  1. very cool. Only critique I have is I wish the weapon was a little more 'demon-y'

  2. Ah ha, a true Relictor fan. Yes, i know what you are getting at, however i'll be following the rules in WD295(UK) so that's only one Daemon Weapon per Army which my Captain will have - he has a nice plastic Daemon Sword. And when I eventually get round to it, the Company Banner will be interchangeable with a Daemon Banner.

  3. Looking good - impressed you decided to use the actual Tigurius model and remove all the U symbols. I just used a standard libby model and call him a counts as when needs be :)

  4. Looking mighty fine, a nice model with a great paintjob! Damn good to see some more Relictors, has my fingers itching to get some of my own ones sorted out.

    Rather nice idea to use those old WD rules as well, in friendly games with opponent consent they'd really spice up things!


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