26 Jan 2010

Work In Progress - Baneblade Squadron

Hi all,

I just thought I'd share we all my current WIP, currently I'm working on a couple of projects, The first up is three Baneblades, the plan is to have an urban scheme of black and grey. After seeing some cheeky magnet use (cheers Siph) the Las-sponsons will be magnetised into place. The lead Baneblades turret has been designed so that both crewmen rotate freely.

My next project is to finish my trio of Dreadnoughts- Two FW models, and an Ironclad. The UM Dreadnought has had a dead Tyranid Warrior lying by its feet, with several huge Plasma blasts in its chest. The Mighty Ironclad, (The destroyer of Warhounds! - sorry Siph) is also on the paint station ready to be completed. I'm hoping to include a couple of Titan based trophies from his previous outing. Included in the Reaver titan are one or two titan purity seals, which are going to look great on the Ironclad.

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